About The PR Club

The purpose of the PR club is to record your accomplishments and to share them with the world.

We understand what it takes to finish a marathon. Be proud, you certainly deserve it. Whether your accomplishment was to finish your first marathon, set a new Personal Record or conquer the 26.2 miles for an umpteenth time, you now belong to "the PR club".

For those of us who truly care about Personal Records, the PR club is the ultimate referee. If your PR is authenticated by the PR club, then it is truly a PR.

Our Values:

The PR club values are: Ambition, Determination, Integrity and Merit. Or, in other words, dream big, don’t quit, don’t cheat and be proud of your accomplishments, you've earned it.

How does it work?

To belong to the PR club, you must have first completed at least one marathon. Then, you can choose to log:

  • all of your completed marathons
  • only the few races that truly matter to you
  • just your PR if you run for time

Every performance is authenticated by our back office before being added to your profile. This process may take up to a few days depending on our workload and how difficult it is for us to obtain proof of authenticity. Accuracy is of the upmost importance for the PR club. What is displayed on your profile or any other member profile is real ‐ guaranteed.

As soon as your marathon(s) performance is authenticated, you are officially a member of the PR club. You will be given a PR club member number and a level based on your age graded performance. Age grading is the most accurate method of comparing athlete performances across age, gender and distance. Your age graded percentages are calculated using the official USATF calculator that can be found on this link: http://www.usatf.org/statistics/calculators/agegrading. In order to ensure absolute fairness, we will not accept any other source of calculation.

  • Under 60% = Warrior Class
  • 60% - 69% = Local Class
  • 69% - 70% = Local Elite
  • 70% - 79% = Regional Class
  • 79% - 80% = Regional Elite
  • 80% - 89% = National Class
  • 89% - 90% = National Elite
  • 90% - 99% = World Class
  • 99% - 100% = World Elite

Your accomplishment(s) will then be visible on your personal Wall of Fame and you will be able to claim your PR club shirt. The PR club shirt is only available for PR club members, no exceptions. Please note the PR club shirt will be available soon (inquire at [email protected]).

The Authentication process - Rules

All results are subject for review as well as a thorough verification. In order for the PR club to authenticate your marathon, your performance must be completed on a USATF certified course, with an active course certification. The list of USATF certified courses can be found here: http://www.usatf.org/events/courses/search.

Any USATF certified course will be accepted for a PR under 70% age graded performance. We will use your official "net finish time", whenever available. If there is no net time, we will use your official gun time. No personally measured time, including GPS log, will be accepted.

If your performances grant you a status of Regional Class runner or above (70% AG and up), your time will only count as a PR if the course is "record-eligible" per USATF rule. If it is not, you will receive credit for a marathon finished, but not for a PR.

Any results that cannot be authenticated and/or are inaccurate will be removed from your PR Club Wall of Fame.


The Boston Marathon is a certified course but is not “record-eligible” as the course does not meet the following requirement: "for record eligibility, the drop between the start and the finish must not exceed 1.0 m/km (USATF Rule 265.4(a))." The Boston course has a drop of 3.23 m/km.

If you run Boston, you will receive credit for +1 Marathon no matter your performance level. If you PR in Boston and you are under 70% age graded performance, your PR will be accepted. If you PR in Boston and you are above 70% age graded performance, your PR will be rejected.

Drugging and Cheating:

There is a zero tolerance policy for athletes who use illegal drugs or cheat. If one of our members is found guilty of either, this member will be banned for life from the PR club. That’s it.