PR Club Privacy Policy

The PR Club is all about sharing with the world your proud achievements.

Therefore your Wall of Fame with all the information pertaining to it will be visible to anybody visiting the PR club website.

This information includes your names, your age, your gender, the city you live in, your level of performance, and all the achievements you requested the PR club to authenticate.

On the other hand, the information not mentioned above is considered private information by the PR club and as such will be not be shared with anybody but our employees as they will need information such as your email address to communicate with you and your home address to send you your T-shirts. The PR club may also send you occasional emails to inform you of what is new at the PR club.

Importantly, you will remain in control of your information at all time and can decide to terminate your membership at your leisure. If you do so, your Wall of Fame with all its information will become invisible.

Children under the age of 13 cannot become a member of the PR club and will be prevented to create a profile and enter any information.

By the act of accessing, browsing or utilizing the PR club website, you are accepting our Privacy Policy.